Clearly Media is a design firm focused on creating powerfully effective images, sounds, and messages.


Clearly helps businesses and organizations of all sizes refine their mission through branding and identity development and implementation for web, print, video, and marketing/sales collateral.

A sample of final client-approved logos designed by Clearly. Contact us to discuss the iteration process behind a project on your plate.


Clearly designs, builds, and maintains websites for clients with an emphasis on user experience, SEO and keyword viability, and a detailed eye toward aesthetic balance. We love getting the keys and taking old sites in new directions. | Full rebuild from stagnant design and approach to clean custom WordPress build for globally-conscious digital marketing agency. | Full website redesign from complicated proprietary system to WordPress with custom design and SEO-friendly layout for email marketing service organization. | Bootstrap website | WordPress/WooCommerce | Typography-based Squarespace website | Custom Shopify e-commerce store for vintage clothing retailer


Clearly believes that the power of image, word, and sound most quickly encompasses and conveys a purpose or message, and we love making them. 

Arts on fire! 20-year itentity and celebration video, complete with rebrand, for Durham, NC’s Liberty Arts.
Videography, identity, After Effects, original music.

Hold the Beef! Introductory piece for a new meatless patty from Frontiere Natural Meats.
After Effects, music, audio production.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, a track recorded at/by Clearly Records needed to be heard AND seen.
After Effects, music, audio production.

After Effects production + original music for Hex

After Effects production + original music for Hex

After Effects design, animation, and production

After Effects book trailer for

After Effects edit for Spanish eco-artspace

After Effects story for email marketing firm

Audio-based original short horror film

Artist feature video for Liberty Arts

Animation and editing, kinetic type music video

Animation and editing for NYC band

Filming and editing and for music video

Original music and video


Clearly, print is very much alive. We are here for pre-press production, page/book layout, professional content writing and copyediting, as well as screen-and letterpress design and production.

LP cover photography/layout/production for Jaki Shelton Green‘s debut album.

LP cover photography/layout/production for Jaki Shelton Green‘s debut album.

Cover design and mockup for book proposal

Literary journal layout

Album layout

Single cover

Single cover

Short film poster

Show poster

Promo poster

Show handbill


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